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Foreword by 58th President

Foreword by President Olivia Lim Chwee Tin

The success of any Rotary club can be attributed to several factors. Certainly, dedicated leadership is a prime factor in a club’s success. But most evident in the Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya (RCPJ) is the closeness and cohesion of our family members to the cause of Rotary. This is the acknowledgement that my Board and I subscribe to.

RCPJ is a premier club because its members are effective in allocating time and resource to the work of Rotary, and drawing upon the many talents of the family as well. Often a Rotary project becomes a family endeavour!

I am so proud of and grateful for the high quality leadership of our club that we have inherited from our Past Presidents. Over the last 58 years there is an accretion of tradition and best practice to guide us to move forward in RY 2018/19. We will endeavour to respond to the many challenges, particularly in under-served fields of health, education, welfare and human safety.

Many of the much needed projects of past years will be continued. But in accordance with the current RI theme we will also introduce new projects that will be be the inspiration in the lives of our community.

Let us, in the pursuit of our many projects to serve the community, draw upon the one element that has contributed so much to our success in yesteryears. Let us pull together the combined energy of our family to deliver yet another successful Rotary year! Let us Rotarians, spouses and family members unite with love, goodwill and positive energy to drive to BE THE INSPIRATION for our community of Petaling Jaya and beyond.

Olivia Lim Chwee Tin
President 2018-19